Power Players: Colorado's top political donors, 2007-2012

The 30 largest donors to Colorado politics spent $86 million from 2007 through 2012. This data includes includes donations to state and federal candidates, state issue committees that oppose or support ballot initiatives, federal Super PACS and 527s, which are groups created under IRS laws that act independently of candidates and their campaigns. Also included are federal independent expenditures by Super PACs for or against Colorado candidates.


Patricia A. Stryker, Fort Collins, CO




Coloradan Pat Stryker and her siblings control Stryker Corp., a multi-million dollar medical supply company inherited from their grandfather. In 2002, Stryker spent $3 million to defeat a Colorado ballot initiative that would have ended bilingual education in the state. Stryker donates large sums to Democratic candidates and party committees. 

Total contributions: $3,016,722

266 donations: 196 to candidates and 70 to committees

List of contributions

Source: Contribution data from Center for Responsive Politics, National Institute on Money in State Politics and Colorado Secretary of State

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